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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/6/19 - Second draft?

Today’s tip: Second draft?

When you write something the second draft is almost always better than the first. Do you think this is true with your work with people?

Welcome to May, the last month of the school year for most and a time for you to refresh, reflect and refine.

As a SAM team you have focused each week on coaching and development work with teachers, students and your school community. Congratulations. You can see the proof of your commitment by clicking your TimeTrack Dashboard. You likely have a narrative record of your work with individual teachers and groups. Today’s tip is to try a guided activity designed to refresh, reflect and refine.

Pick a teacher you believe you have helped this year and can see improvement. Try this:

1. Re-read the formal evaluation you completed for this teacher.

2. if this was an evaluation of your work, how would you feel?

3. are there specific comments about how the teacher improved?

4. do the numeric “scores” overwhelm the comments/observation?

5. is their a clear path of next steps or just a list of concerns?

6. Refresh: What can you do to refresh the message you were trying to convey in the evaluation document so it is a capacity building, coaching experience for the teacher?

7. Reflect: What would a new, coaching centered conversation with the teacher look like? How would you change your vocabulary, questions and approach? What would it look like if you could get the teacher to talk with you in a way they resulted in you listening more than talking?

8. Refine: How can you refine the kind of work you do with this teacher to better meet his/her needs? Would showing the teacher your Dashboard chart of time spent with him/her help? In other words, asking: “How would you like me to change the kind of time I spend with you each week and month? What would help?”

9. Try the same Refresh, Reflect and Refine activity with a teacher who you do not feel you were successful in helping improve this year.

10. Try the same Refresh, Reflect and Refine activity with a group with who you worked this year.

Taking time to refresh, reflect and refine will make you an even more effective leader.

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