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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 6/13/22: Consider Expanding TimeTrack Users

Today’s Tip: Consider Expanding TimeTrack Users

Many SAM teams elect to invite other leaders in their school to do TimeTrack each day. They schedule their work in advance and meet with a trusted colleague to consider next steps.

Some SAM teams go a step further. They conduct weekly school wide TimeTrack data meetings to see how each member of the team is progressing and how, in combination, they are spending their time to improve teaching and learning.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, in Macon, Georgia, conducts a school wide TimeTrack data meeting each week. The SAM, principal, assistant principal, instructional coach and counselor coordinate their work using merged TimeTrack data. Take a look:

SAMs on Location: The Impact of School Wide TimeTrack Data Meetings –

It takes work to achieve what the Macon team has done. Each team member must use TimeTrack, schedule in advance and coordinate their work weekly with the other leaders in the school. NSIP provides additional TimeTracks at no cost and will provide training as long as the principal and SAM are doing the SAM Process with efficacy and are committed to helping their colleagues begin.

Talk with your Time Change Coach if you’d like to discuss.

Feel free to share the videos with colleagues, via social medial or other means.

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