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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 6/26/23 - Share the SAM process.

This week’s tip: Share the SAM process.

As the 2022-23 school year comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on your wins. It is important to have a sense of perspective about your work. No other leader in the business world is tasked with the level of responsibility you carry as a school leader each day.

Nationally, a leader in business is tasked with supervising an average of 10 to 12 employees. School leaders are tasked with supervising, on average, seven times as many employees, teaches and support staff. In addition, school leaders are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for hundreds of children and working with their parents and guardians. The fiscal resources a school leader is given is far less than what business leaders enjoy.

Yet, you do it and are successful. You have TimeTrack data that proves you make a difference. Congratulations! As a TimeTrack user and SAM you are remarkable.

Please take time this week to share the SAM process with one of more of your colleagues in your district. Share the SAM process, too, with a colleague in another district or state. SAM is the only professional development process proven by research to make a positive difference in leader performance, satisfaction and student learning.

NSIP has a clear mission and vision:

Mission: The National SAM Innovation Project provides a comprehensive process and set of tools designed to develop effective instructional leaders resulting in greater student success.

Vision: The National SAM Innovation Project will provide SAM services in every state resulting in greater teacher and learner success.

As a non-profit company, we increased the number of TimeTrack users by 33% this year. We could use your help as we continue to expand SAM services to more school leaders, districts and states. Would you take a few minutes this week to talk with a colleague in your district who you think would benefit from the SAM process? Would you connect with a colleague in another state or district, too?

You can share the information, below. The most important information to share, however, is your personal experience.

External research confirms SAM principals spend more time on instructional work, are happier, work a shorter day, are better liked by staff and see improved learning results. Once you are doing the SAM process with efficacy, NSIP provides service to your assistant principals, intervention specialists and others in your school in leadership roles at no additional cost.

The annual cost, $4,995, covers all training, use of tools and coaching for the first year for you and any other leader you supervise. Most school leaders use Title I or II, improvement or professional development funds for SAM services.

What is the SAM Process?

TimeTrack: The Leader’s Lesson Plan

SAM Process, 2022 National Conference, Intentionality:

SAM Process, 2019 National Conference: Purpose

SAMs on Location: The Impact of School Wide TimeTrack Data Meetings –

For each SAM team, the initial training is done in an all day in-person session or optional on-line, two-hour session. By the end of this session the leader’s TimeTrack will be up and the team will be ready to do the SAM Daily Meeting the next day. The team is also introduced to the advanced features of TimeTrack and is introduced to the SAM Implementation Specialist who will support them online for two weeks during the SAM Daily Meeting. The Specialist also provide additional training time, as needed. We make sure the process is easy and comfortable and will stay as the school needs. A Time Change Coach is then assigned to provide weekly support online.

SAM services include:

  • Subscription for use of TimeTrack® cloud-based software at each school site for the principal and other leaders in the school the principal supervises.

  • Subscription for use of NoteTrack® cloud-based software at each school site for the principal and other leaders in the school the principal supervises.

  • Subscription for use of First Responders® cloud-based software at each school site for the principal and other leaders in the school the principal supervises.

  • Subscription includes access to online and in-person technical support for TimeTrack, NoteTrack and First Responders, as needed, each school site.

  • Initial training, online, two-hour session; (all day, in-person option available depending on pandemic restrictions)

  • Implementation support, ten days at each school site for the SAM Daily Meeting, more as needed, online

  • Monthly remote coaching, two-hours, each school site, online

  • Weekly online coaching review of TimeTrack with email and/or phone feedback, online

  • Subscription, professional development, The Marshall Memo

  • Subscription, professional development, The Main Idea

  • Online professional development sessions, SAM Talks, featuring national speakers

  • Access, NSIP HD recordings and support materials from past conferences

  • The national conference is optional ~ $2,495 covers all costs except air

Ready to start? Want more information? Contact NSIP Founder and Executive Director Mark Shellinger:

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