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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 6/5/17 - Explore your new TimeTrack features.

Today’s tip: Explore your new TimeTrack features.

Your TimeTrack was upgraded last night. You will find the complete list of new features and fixes at the end of this email.

Here are a few of the new features you should take a look at today:

You can now use Outlook or any other mail application when sending an email directly from TimeTrack. Click any email icon in the event entry box. If you click the Send with Outlook link TimeTrack will create an Outlook email message with the correct address. This allows you to attach items to the email and use all of the editing and format options. To use other email applications, like G Mail, iCal, IOS, Android, First Class and Lotus Notes, click the Non­Outlook link. Of course, you can still send email by completing the TimeTrack template and clicking SEND. This upgrade simply gives you more options. Here’s a short video showing how this works:

Go to the one day view on your TimeTrack. Do you see the orange line? This line is showing the current time of day. If it is showing the wrong time you need to set the correct time zone. Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, select Settings, General Options and then click the SITE tab. You can then select the correct time zone.

You now have a larger and cleaner entry space for NoteTrack notes. Your smartphone version of TimeTrack now has easier navigation and event entry features. There is a search function when you need to change the members of a group. This will be especially helpful when you change membership of a group for the new school year.

You can now set a percentage goal for Target Descriptors. Your Target Descriptors give you a quick comparison of how much time you are currently spending on a task, like Celebratory Feedback, to the time you spent when you were last shadowed by a data collector. Now you can also set a specific percentage goal. Click the TimeTrack logo, click settings, General Options and select the Target Descriptor tab.

The TimeTrack owner now has complete control over access to his/her TimeTrack. Go to the TimeTrack logo, click and select USER then click USER ACCESS. You will find the same drop down menu allowing different levels of access. You will also find a REMOVE button that gives you the option to delete or suspend access to anyone.

For your charts and graphs you now have the option of including future events. This will allow you to see the time you plan to work with a person as well as the time you already have spent with a teacher or group. Click the options button at the top of any graph and select Include Future Events.

This release of TimeTrack also comes with a slew of bug fixes and other minor improvements to make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

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