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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 6/6/22: Using Sociograms to strengthen connections

June 6, 2022

Today’s Tip: Using Sociograms to strengthen connections

We are pleased to share a new series of videos featuring SAM teams today.

The first in the series is about a novel way an Illinois SAM high school principal uses sociograms to build adult teams. Based on a practice of the Navy Seals, he forms Battle Buddies and Squads using sociograms to build positive connections and improve school culture.

He uses a similar approach to determine the connections between students and staff. They use this information to identify students who are left out, do not have adults they trust or have a connection, and then work to make sure a connection is created.

SAMs on Location: Reconnecting with Students -

SAMs on Location: Training Like the Navy Seals -

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