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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/17/23 - Set Your Monthly Instructional Time Goals

This week’s tip: Set Your Monthly Instructional Time Goals

July first each year your TimeTrack resets for the new school year.

SAMs and TimeTrack users must decide what goals they would like to set for each month. It helps to look at what you achieved last year. When you click on your dashboard go to the options tab to select data from the 2022-23 school year. This will show you the goals you had last year…and if you met them each month.

To set your goals for the new school year follow these steps:

  1. click the orange TimeTrack logo, upper left-hand corner

  2. select Settings

  3. select monthly goal set-up

  4. Enter goals for each month, July through June. Click set once you’ve entered a goal for each month. Don’t worry if a month has a lot of vacation days—TimeTrack will only count the days you are working.

A second set-up step for the new school year is to let TimeTrack know which days to count.

Use your district calendar to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the orange TimeTrack logo, upper left-hand corner

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select contact day set-up

  4. Turn blue days to gray if it is a vacation or holiday—a day the leader is not expected/required to work—this tells TimeTrack not to count the day when calculating the amount of time spent instructionally engaged.

Have you wondered how much time school leaders who do not do the SAM process spend each day instructionally engaged? The amount ranges from 14% to 25% based on shadowing studies conducted by NSIP and independent/external researchers. SAM principals spend the majority of their time, 50%+, doing instructional leadership work. It is also true that the higher your performance is on the annual rubric assessment the higher your instructional leadership time is each year.

All five keynotes and five selected breakout sessions from the l6th Annual, 2023, National SAM Conference are now available in HD video:

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