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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/20/20 - Improve the capacity of your new staff

This week’s tip: Improve the capacity of your new staff.

With remote learning your students stay home and your staff gets a lot larger. Your teachers must work with their student’s first teachers, their parents, a lot more in order to move learning forward. Some parents were excited and enthusiastic about this teaching role when the pandemic forced stay at home orders. Others approached the task with trepidation. Some parents were missing in action.

Some teachers did a great job and engaged parents in a positive and proactive way. These teachers made a point to focus on developing parent teaching skills so their children would benefit.

As a school leader you are focused on improving the skills of your teachers. You now have paid teachers and parent teachers. What will you do to improve their capacity?

  1. Schedule time to discuss with your best teachers what they did during remote learning to engage parents successfully. What did they do intentionally to improve the capacity of parents as teachers?

  2. Schedule time to discuss with parents what you and teachers can do to help build their capacity.

  3. Learn from a high performing SAM team from Maryland how they created a parent university that engages teachers and parents. Shawna Fagbuyi and Stephanie Gobbo were presenters at last week’s SAM Coffee Break. Here’s a link: Shawna and Stephanie used a PowerPoint during the session. Here’s a link to access:

  4. Wouldn’t it be great to read the best articles on parent engagement curated by experts? Thanks to our friend Kim Marshall, you can access the chapter on working with parents from his second book with Jenn David-Lang: The Best of the Marshall Memo, Book II. Use this link to download the chapter, Partnering with Families:

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