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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/24/23 - Celebrate Your Success and Share it with Others

This week’s tip: Celebrate Your Success and Share it with Others

We are releasing the end of year SAM team performance rubric assessment today. You definitely want to read the four-page Executive Summary. It details your remarkable success and clearly establishes SAM leaders are different.

The Executive Summary:

The Full Report:

SAM leaders spend the majority of each day working to improve teaching and learning. How SAM leaders do instructional leadership changes, too. SAM leaders are in classrooms more, focus far more time coaching teachers than evaluating and dramatically increase the amount and frequency of feedback. Importantly, SAM leaders can connect their increased instructional leadership time with improved teacher practice and student outcomes…and they use data to prove it.

Do yourself a favor and spend five minutes reading the four page executive summary:

Then, take five more minutes to send it to your professional contacts via email and social media. Take time to post the executive summary online. Send a copy to your superintendent and others who value and share your mission.

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