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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 7/25/22: Set Goals Now for the new School Year

Today’s Tip: Set Goals Now for the new School Year

Most SAM teams are surprised in July when TimeTrack resets for the new school year. Teams see that the bar at the bottom of each day says NOT SET.

This is to remind you that you must set new monthly instructional time goals.

How? Simply click the NOT SET bar at the bottom of any day. The entry box will appear for goals to be set for the next twelve months.


  1. Set a reasonable goal. If you averaged 40% last year start with a goal of 30% and increase by 5% each month until you hit 55%. Level off at 55%. You can still do more instructional work, but you need to leave some time for management tasks, too.

  2. Revisit your three target descriptors. You talked about target descriptors with your Time Change Coach when you did the end of year rubric assessment. Pick the three you think would best help teachers get better. To set your target descriptors click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, click on settings—general options—Target Descriptors.

  3. Pick five FOCUS teachers—five teachers who are most important for you to improve their practice this school year. Many SAM leaders talk with their leadership team about their focus teacher once weekly to compare data and align effort. (TimeTrack logo—Settings—Individual/Group Set Up) Take a look a school in Georgia effectively uses Focus teacher data:

  4. Let your Time Change Coach know when you are ready meet in August. You can have more time with your coach—all you have to do is ask. Your TCC can help you set goals, train new SAMs and assist with updating and training First Responders.

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