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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/31/23 - Be the Leader Teachers Need

This week’s tip: Be the Leader Teachers Need

Teachers consistently identify five things they think make a good school leader. Education Week compared a 2019 opinion article on the subject with recent online comments from teachers. These five things were consistent:

  1. Good leaders foster collaboration and teamwork.

TimeTrack users and SAMs: have you scheduled time this week to listen to teachers, and other staff, parents and students? Have you set a regular schedule and process to involve your school community in decision making?

2. Good leaders respect teachers’ professionalism.

TimeTrack users and SAMs: Is your feedback primarily directive? Do you spend you time on compliance or development of teacher capacity? Can you increase the time asking questions instead of giving direction? Is your focus on coaching or evaluating?

3. Good leaders were teachers first.

TimeTrack users and SAMs: How often do you enter a classroom and assist by working with students while you watch a teacher work? Have you ever offered to grade a set of papers while you watch a teacher work? Have you ever helped a teacher create a bulletin board, display or lesson?

4. Schools with good leaders feel like a family.

TimeTrack users and SAMs: What are you doing today that creates a positive school culture? What can you do to welcome individual teachers and support staff to the new school year? You likely ask teachers to greet student at the door when they arrive. What can you do for staff when they arrive?

5. Good leaders have good help.

Teachers like leaders who don’t try to do it all. Instead, they have a well thought out SAM First Responder® structure that allows people to get help faster. The best SAM leaders never say they don’t have time. Instead, they elect one of three options:

  1. provide help when requested

  2. ask the staff member, student or parent, to use a First Responder

  3. offer to give the issue the time and focus it deserves ~ have the SAM schedule time using TimeTrack’s Auto Select feature

We released the end of year SAM team performance rubric assessment last week. You definitely want to read the four-page Executive Summary and share it with others. It details your remarkable success and clearly establishes SAM leaders are different.

The Executive Summary:

The Full Report:

Mission: The National SAM Innovation Project provides a comprehensive process and set of tools designed to develop effective instructional leaders resulting in greater student success.

Vision: The National SAM Innovation Project will provide SAM services in every state resulting in greater teacher and learner success.

Registration opens for the 17thAnnual National SAM Conference, September 4, Labor Day

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