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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/12/19 - You control who has access to your TimeTrack

This week’s first tip: You control who has access to your TimeTrack

Do you need to add a new SAM to your TimeTrack? Do you want to give a new staff member access so they can see your TimeTrack? It’s easy. Here’s a short video showing how.. .or follow the written directions, below.

1. Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left.

2. Select USER

3. Select TimeTrack Access

4. Click Add User and follow the prompts

Second tip this week: New this year: Annual Time/Task Analysis data collection is voluntary for veteran SAM teams.

1. First year SAM teams: Baseline Data Collection, required: four days, three when not possible to collect four in the window provided

2. Second year: data collection, required: Two days in the second semester, one day when not possible to collect in the window provided

3. Third and subsequent years: optional, second semester, upon request of the SAM team or TCC

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