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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/29/16 - Think about your Wins!


Most SAM teams start the new school year by talking about the last one.

Take a few minutes to think about your wins:

• Who are the teachers and other staff we helped the most?

• Which instructional descriptors did we have the greatest gain?

• Were we at/above goal each month?

• Did we have our SAM Daily Meeting most days?

• Did our First Responders do a good job? Do they feel appreciated?

Talking about these things can help make your TimeTrack planning easier and more effective for the new school year. Here are few things to consider as you work on your TimeTrack for 2016­17:

Check that you have the right people on the list. Go to the TimeTrack logo, click SETTINGS and Individual/Group Set-up.

• Deactivate any staff member who has left the school.

• Add any staff member who is new.

• Check that group membership is still the same. Did a fourth grade teacher move to third grade?

• Add staff member birthdays.

You can then Click the OPTIONS tab at the top and tell TimeTrack when you want the birthday reminders—day of, day before, week of, etc. The reminders will appear on the left side of any calendar view. Thanks to the many SAMs that suggested this new feature!

Looking for more ideas to get the most out of your TimeTrack? Take a look at this one page “Summer Set-up Guide” Time Change Coach Dave Sechler created for his teams.

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