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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/5/19 - Where’s My Data?

This week’s tip: Where’s My Data?

Hello! When you open your TimeTrack you may notice that your dashboard doesn’t display data from last school year. No worries. Your data is still there but you will need to use the dashboard’s options menu to pick the year you would like to see. This link will take you to a three minute video showing how this works:

Your TimeTrack may not have contact days and goals set yet for the new school year. This is easy, too. Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, click Settings and then Contact Days Set­up. Tell TimeTrack which days you believe you will be working this year. Be sure to start with July and click set and advance. After you do this you can set your goals for each month. This link will take you to a four minute video showing how this works:

Great! You are on your way to setting up your TimeTrack so you can get the most out of the data.

Here’s a list of the things you need to do or schedule next:

1. Add new staff members, delete those who have left Link:

2. Schedule your SAM Daily Meeting

3. Schedule the basics you do each day: bus duty, lunch, etc.

4. Schedule the times you know you will be out of the building—monthly meetings, etc.

5. Schedule the 13th Annual National SAM Conference, January 31, March Island, Florida

6. Review and modify your Target Descriptors and Focus Teachers Link:

7. Schedule your first set of teacher evaluations using Connected Events Link:

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