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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/21/20 - You can improve practice in six steps

This week’s tip: You can improve practice in six steps.

Schedule six events over a two week period with one teacher for a positive change of practice.

During your SAM Daily Meeting identify a teacher you would like to spend time with to improve a specific teaching practice. Then strategize on what would help. Think about how the events you schedule need to “connect”. A Walk-through or Observation needs to connect with a Feedback session. A feedback session needs to connect with a seeing instruction event.

But doesn’t a Professional Development session need to connect with the Walk-through and Feedback session, too? How about a Teaching and Modeling session for the teacher followed by Non-Directive Feedback session and then an Observation to see if the teacher is able to use the techniques modeled?

Make sure to schedule a Celebration Feedback session when your principal sees the change of practice you set out to accomplish.

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