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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/6/22 - Invest in Your Own Professional Development

Today’s Tip: Invest in Your Own Professional Development

The annual National SAM Conference is unlike any other professional development for school leaders.


1. The experience is different. We make you feel like you work for Apple rather than a school district. You are treated like the important person you are—someone who makes a difference for your school, and our society, every day. The conference is a celebration of your work.

2. The content is different. Here’s an example.

Meet Cassandra Worthy. Business CEOs know her as the expert in change enthusiasm. After working as a chemical engineer at a Fortune 500 company for near two decades, she reinvented herself by developing a dynamic new way to transform organizational culture.

Cassandra now shares her work with business executives in the US and internationally. She impressed NSIP Director Mark Shellinger when he saw he speak at a business event last year in Minneapolis. Mark knew her message would resonate with SAM teams. In February you will get to know, her at the SAM Conference. You will receive a copy of her book, too. In fact, you will receive five books.

Cassandra is one of five keynote speakers who will take the stage in Tucson. They will be joined by 20+ breakout session speakers and four more national speakers offering all-day pre-conference sessions.

Many attendees say the time they get to spend with SAM teams from across the US is one of the best learning experiences ever. This, added to a social environment with great food, drink and entertainment is the perfect move to recharge your own enthusiasm as you move in to the last part of the school year.

Details: 16th Annual National SAM Conference, February 2-5, 2023, Tucson, Arizona. The conference will be held in Tucson at the fabulous JW Marriott Starr Pass. Each day will start with a Navajo sunrise ceremony and end with an over the top dinner/event celebration including an evening at Old Tucson, the movie studio where every Western you can think of got its start.

Remember, even if the conference is included in your service agreement you must register to attend…and there are a limited number of seats.

For a look at Cassandra’s work, take a look at her TED Talk:

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