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Dave Sechler

NSIP Board Member, Mentor, Time Change Coach

Dave has spent nearly 5 decades in education, first as a high school vocational teacher and then as a high school assistant principal and middle school principal. After retiring from public education, he worked for the University of Delaware doing teacher and administrator development. He was elected to his local school board and served for a year as the president of the Delaware School Boards Association. He has taught in teacher and administrator preparation programs at Wilmington University (Delaware) and the University of Delaware, and currently teaches a diversity course for pre-service teachers at the University of Delaware.

Dave has worked with and for NSIP as a Time Change Coach, Time Change Coach Mentor, Implementation Specialist. He has been a member of the NSIP Board of Directors since 2011.

In his SAMs work, Dave is passionate about helping principals discover that their management tasks are manageable and that they can focus on what they love and what they’re best at: instruction. He loves the gleam he sees in a principal’s eyes when the principal realizes that the SAM process works and will help the principal and everyone associated with the school to be more successful.

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