• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Tip: 1/4/16 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Now is a great time to prepare for your SAM Daily Meeting and a successful SAM year. Use the check-list, below, to get off to a perfect start!

1. Check the days TimeTrack has been “counting”. You want TimeTrack to only use days you worked. Vacation days must be changed to “non-contact”. You can do this at the top of each day in the five-day view or go to the TimeTrack logo, click and select contact- day set-up under settings.

2. Take a look at your target descriptors. Are these the three that you still want to concentrate your efforts to increase? If not, which three do you want to increase the most?

3. Click on the TimeTrack graph portal. Look at the graph in the upper right—are these the five people who most need your time?

One more thing: What is the due date for completing all evaluations? Take a few minutes to enter this date in TimeTrack and assess what needs to be scheduled to meet this requirement: pre-conferences, observations, office work/prep to complete the paperwork and post-conferences.

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