• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Tip: 12/14/15 - How did your SAM Daily Meeting go Friday?

So, how did your SAM Daily Meeting go Friday?

Most teams do a great job celebrating the wins, scheduling follow-up and staying in the Green. Great!

It is important to move to the next step, however, in order to take full advantage of the SAM process. Asking a question at each SAM Daily Meeting using the TimeTrack charts and graphs helps the leader reflect on his/her effectiveness and “next steps” to help teachers and other educators improve.

Here are three questions that work with most every chart or graph:

1. What improvement do you see in this person’s work?

2. What haven’t you done with this this person that you think might help?

3. Who else could help this person improve?

Randomly select a chart or graph by clicking on your TimeTrack dashboard and give it a try. TimeTrack Charts and Graphs aren’t a “got you”. Instead, they are a “get you”.. .how can you use this data to get the teacher or other educator to move forward? This is hard work but incredibly valuable.

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