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SamTastic Tip: 2/29/16 - Take the Leap: Schedule a Focus Group Meeting

This week’s tip: Take the Leap: Schedule a Focus Group Meeting

Happy Leap Year Day! February 29 comes once every four years. What are you doing with this “extra day” today?

Take a look at your TimeTrack Dashboard and focus on the time you spend with groups and ask these questions:

1. Are you tracking time with the groups that can have the biggest impact on teaching and learning?

2. What is your purpose or objective in spending time with a group?

3. Can you identify positive changes tied to the time you are spending with these groups?

4. Are there groups you would like to spend time with?

5. Can you tie your work in the four kinds of observation with what you are doing with these groups?

6. Are there student or parent groups you would like to spend time with this week?

Consider scheduling a focus group session once each week with a group you do not regularly see or interact with regularly. For example, if you have staff who assist teachers in the classroom, aides or para-professionals, schedule time to hear their stories so you can better support teaching and learning. You don’t have to have something to say in a focus group session.. .other than a sincere expression of interest and desire to help.

You can do this with parents and students, too.

Listening may be your most important leadership practice. The first rule of leadership is to make others feel important.

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