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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 1/22/24 - Plan to watch keynote sessions, in person or on HD video.

Hello from Fort Lauderdale, site of the 17th Annual National SAM Conference.


Today’s Tip is: Plan to watch keynote sessions, in person or on HD video.


600+ SAM team members will arrive in Fort Lauderdale this week for amazing keynote presentations and inspiring breakout sessions. If you are attending in person, please travel safely.  We have an amazing set of experiences in store designed to celebrate your work and push your thinking on how to best help teachers and students.


Can’t attend in person this year?  No worries.  We’ll have eight hours of professionally edited and produced video of each keynote and four select breakouts you can access in March. 


Plan to budget now for next year’s national conference, Miami Beach, Florida, January 15-19, 2025, MLK Day Weekend.  $2,895 covers all costs except airfare.


The first keynote presentation will be delivered by author Dan Thurmon.  Dan is a remarkable and entertaining presenter.  When his first book was released, Off Balance on Purpose, I was impressed and invited him to present at our 8th annual conference.  I loved his theme that being off balance is necessary to learn something new.  I also liked his positive approach to working with people.   


His newest book, Positive Chaos, is a guide for every leader who wants to maximize the opportunities change in a chaotic world offers.  Progress often depends on the leader’s ability to allow change to spark creativity and innovation.  Here’s an Amazon review of Dan’s book:


Using illuminating findings from a first-of-its-kind study, 2022 State of Chaos in the Workplace, Thurmon reveals the current impact of chaos experienced by the workforce and shares effective strategies and leadership attributes for succeeding in chaotic times. From discovering how credibility stems from vulnerability, to why being honest about what you don’t yet know can empower others to feel more confident and capable of contributing, you will learn how to improve yourself while becoming a better leader.


Conference attendees will get to see Dan, and his daughter, Maggie, this week in Fort Lauderdale.  They will also receive a copy of his book.  Not attending this year?  No worries.  You will have the opportunity to see his presentation on HD video in March…and receive a copy of his book, too.  Why?  Because the work you do as a SAM team member every day deserves appreciation and recognition. 

PS:  You can see Dan’s 2015 presentation at the 8th Annual National SAM Conference here:


Music Video: I Am a SAM


Executive Summary: SAM team Success:

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