• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 1/26/15 - Check your descriptors and contact days.

Check your descriptors and contact days.

Picking the right descriptor when you enter events is important if you want the leader’s time in the graphing system to be accurate and of the best value.

You will find definitions of each descriptor with examples and suggestions for SAM teams built-in to your TimeTrack calendar. You will find new separate definitions for principal supervisor SAM teams, too. Go to INFO at the top left of your TimeTrack and select the descriptors for principals or principal supervisors from the drop-down menu.

Another tip: Go back and check the vacation days in December and January and make sure TimeTrack is not counting these days. You can change a day from being counted by clicking the contact box at the top of each day in the calendar view. This will change the day to gray and will keep it from impacting your time data.

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