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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 1/6/20 - New Year Resolutions

This week’s tip: New Year Resolutions

I bet you are off to a great start to the new year. Many of you planned ahead and scheduled in the GREEN for today before you left for the Christmas/Winter vacation. Feels good, right?

If not, there is time-proven way to feel good right now. Take a few minutes to update your TimeTrack and get in the GREEN before you get caught in the interrupt-driven cycle. This sets an excellent example for staff and students as they see the leader engaging in instructional work first thing.

What should you schedule? This depends on what you want to have happen today. Would you like students and teachers to see you engaged? Then schedule four thirty minute “Work with Students” events. This allows you to work with students while you watch a teacher instruct.

• Schedule time in the lunchroom to sit and talk with students about their school work. What do they enjoy? What is challenging?

• Schedule 15 minutes to call a parent of a student you were impressed by today.

• Schedule 15 minutes to talk with a teacher who impressed you today.

• Schedule 15 minutes to talk with the teacher you have not spent enough time with yet this school year. Ask what they would like—how could you spend time with them that they would see as helpful?

• Schedule a longer SAM Daily meeting today to look at your Dashboard. Are you pleased with the time you’ve spent with your target teachers? Do you need to change who you consider target teachers?

The work you do is challenging. It can also be fun and inspiring. The intentionality you show by scheduling in the GREEN ahead of time makes all the difference.

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