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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/2/17 - Read.


This may be your best move as a SAM, principal or principal supervisor to spark ideas that can move your work forward. Reading about transformational work in education and the connected research allows you to reflect on what you can do today at your school or in your district to improve teaching and learning.

As a SAM team member you are eligible to receive the Marshall Memo, a weekly summary of the best stories in education in the United States. Compiled by Kim Marshall, the country’s leading authority on teacher evaluation and supervision, the memo contains short summaries for great stories and research articles with links to the full text.

Many SAMs use the Marshall Memo in their Daily Meetings. “Did you see the article about teaching reading skills? How could you use this article in your work with our teachers?”

If you would like to receive the Marshall Memo please

email Please include your name and what you do on your SAM team. Each person wanting to receive the Marshall Memo must make the request individually. After emailing your request you will begin receiving the memo via email next week.

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