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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/2/23 - Increase the number of interactions you have with each teacher.

This week’s tip: Increase the number of interactions you have with each teacher.

Teachers know that more time needs be spent with students who aren’t moving forward. A teacher plans frequent interactions with individual students to help move them forward, often with multiple “touches” each day: encouragement, lessons, individual and group work.

This is an important lesson for SAM teams as the same is true for the school leader who wants to move a teacher forward: encouragement, the four kinds of “seeing” instruction, the three kinds of feedback, individual and group work.

Think about a single teacher, a teacher you want to improve. How many “touches” did you have with this teacher since school started this year? How many touches do you need to ensure success for the teacher?

TimeTrack shows the amount of time you spend with a teacher. Did you know it will also show you the number of touches or interactions? Open the Dashboard, click on any teacher, and then click the interaction tab, upper left of the chart. You will now see the number of “touches” broken out by descriptor. In the upper right corner you will see the total number of touches for the year.

This chart shows time spent. Look at the # of hours circled in RED. Look at the Interaction button, left corner. When you click this button you see the same data, but it shows the number of touches, or interactions. Look at the second chart.

This chart shows interactions, or touches, with the teacher. Take a look at the number of times the leader was in the classroom, seeing instruction: Eleven. Look at the number of conversations the leader had with the teacher; Eleven.

Try this at one of your SAM Daily Meetings this week. Many SAM teams are surprised when they look at their data this way—frequency of “touches”, rather than the amount of time. The question becomes: Are the number of touches frequent enough to move the teacher forward?

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