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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/20/14 -TimeTrack includes easy to access definitions

This week’s tip: TimeTrack includes easy to access definitions of each instructional descriptor and examples of events you can schedule.

Look at the INFO tab on your TimeTrack. You will find this drop-down menu at the top-left- hand corner.

The INFO drop-down menu includes:

0. Your team’s profile sheet

1. Your annual Time/Task Analysis (shadowing data)

2. Your Time/Task Analysis data collection history

3. Definitions and examples for all of the Instructional and Management descriptors

4. An overview of the daily meeting process

5. An example of a typical daily meeting

6. The performance rubric

7. A summary of the NSIP service agreement

8. Electronic copies of the “Daily Meeting”, “First Responders”, and “TimeTrack Graphs and Charts” booklets

Most everything you need is built-in to TimeTrack. Let me know if you want hard copies and when you’d like to update your profile sheet. You can always reach me at

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