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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/22/18 - Connect.

Today’s tip: Connect.

Can you connect better with parents and guardians? Take a look at your TimeTrack dashboard. How much time do you spend with the parents and guardians of your students? Is this time initiated by you?

Be intentional. Think about what you could do with parents that would help students and teachers be more effective. Can you go beyond parent nights and open houses? Here are four ideas:

During a walkthrough pick a student whose learning behavior you liked. Invite the parent and student to meet with you for 30 minutes and share what you saw. Ask the student what they like about school. Challenges. Goals. Ask the parent about homework routines and what they like about school. Challenges. Goals. Conduct the session in the school library or other place students and staff will see the interaction. People believe what they see. They see a leader who is interested in them in a meaningful way.

Meet with three parents and share student performance data for an entire grade level or subject. Show the changes over three years, share how you use the data and ask for their input. Everyone likes to be asked what they think. These open ended conversations can spark new ideas. They definitely show parents that you are committed to their children’s success.

Circle Back. Think about an interaction you had with a parent last month. Give the parent a call and ask how they are and circle back to the issue. Have things improved? What is working? What can you do together to help?

Identify a parent who volunteers at your school. Take 15 minutes to sit and talk/listen. Express gratitude and interest. What ideas can the parent share about improving the school? What ideas do they have about increasing the number of parents who volunteer?

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