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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/24/22 - Connect Your Work

Today’s Tip: Connect Your Work

Your TimeTrack is your story. It shows your work and the direction you are going.

Take a look at last week. Were you in the Green? If so, this part of your story shows that you are scheduling instructional time above your goal. Are the events connected? If you saw a teacher work on Monday is there a feedback session later in the week? If you attended a meeting Wednesday are there follow up events Thursday or Friday? If so, your story shows you are thoughtfully and strategically moving toward your goal of improving teaching and learning.

Being thoughtful and strategic doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, it is the key element of successful SAM Daily Meetings. Considering what follow-up is needed for each event you did the prior work day is critical to moving your story forward.

SAMs know that if they connect your work by scheduling follow-up events each day, each chapter of your story will be better than the last.

Deadline Reminder: Travel information is due December 5, 16th Annual National SAM Conference

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