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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/31/16 - Who is your best teacher/educator?

Quick. Who is your best teacher/educator? Who is your worst?

Now, look at your TimeTrack dashboard. Click on the graph, upper right and then click EXPAND. Go to the options menu and select Compare Individuals and select the two educators.

Is the time you spend with these two educators and very different performance levels the same? Different? Why?

Many leaders spend very little time with their best performers. The research suggests this is a serious mistake. Your best performers are often the ones who will benefit the most.. .grow the most.. .with time you invest.

You have a moral obligation to work with your lowest performers. You have the same obligation to work with your best. They are your key to moving adult practice forward that will best benefit students in your school. This also sends a message to every adult about what you value. Why keep this a secret?

It’s Halloween today. Why not give yourself and your best performers a treat? Spend time observing your all-stars and then listening to them talk about their work in a non-directive feedback session. This isn’t a trick.. .but it can have amazing results.

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