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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/12/18 - Consider your SAM Resources.

Today’s tip: Consider your SAM Resources.

SAM teams have a lot of resources available at the click of a button or phone call. Here are few you should consider:

All SAM team members are eligible to receive the Marshall Memo. This weekly compilation of the latest ideas in education is prepared by Kim Marshall, the nation’s leading authority on teacher evaluation and supervision. The Marshall Memo is designed for easy and quick review of the most important ideas, issues and research in education. Kim writes a short overview and then provides a link to the complete article. You can get the Marshall Memo delivered to your email address each week at no cost by sending a request to There isn’t a charge for current SAM team members but each person must send a separate request from their own email account.

What a Great Idea! is a compilation of things SAM team members do with teachers, support staff, students and parents. Each idea is organized in an easy to access and understand fashion— all are one page in length. When you want to freshen your work with adults and students What a Great Idea! is a wonderful place to start. You can also submit new ideas for addition. Here’s the What a Great Idea! link: content/uploads/2011/11/great idea.pdf

Hundreds of past SAMtastic Weekly Tips are available at our website. You can scroll through the tips or search for key words. Here’s a direct

link: You can also find the tips by going to the home page and scrolling down.

TimeTrack “how to” videos and documents: Need to know the ins and outs of using NoteTrack? Connected Events? There is a treasure trove of TimeTrack “how to: videos and documents at the website. Click on NSIP Tools, SAM Teams and scroll down. Here’s a link: id=350

HD videos, PowerPoints and handouts from national SAM conferences are available at no charge at For example, Mike Rutherford’s session on the most impressive teaching practices he’s observed is

fantastic: id=3168 Many principals and SAMs use the videos from conferences with staff. You can find a complete list at the website. Click SAM media, Conferences and Workshops. Here’s a direct

link: id=1507 Note: these videos are in HD and are about an hour in length, each. As a result it will take your computer a few minutes to download before playing.

TimeTrack has built-in resource links. Just click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, and select info.

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