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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/14/16 - Leader’s Management Time

Take a look at the leader’s management time. Go to the Dashboard. Click OPTIONS and select Management. Expand the center chart, bottom, to see where the leaders spends time doing management tasks.


1. Are there First Responders who are making a difference? Schedule a meeting with a group of First Responders and show them how their work increases the leader’s time on instructional work with teachers and students.

2. Are there areas where a new First Responder is needed? Discuss and consider what pulls the leader away from instructional work—can this be lessened?

3. Are there First Responders who would benefit from more training?

Does the office staff make teachers and others asking for time feel valued and important? Is a daily view of TimeTrack available for staff? Posted in the staff room? Office door? Discuss in your SAM Daily Meeting if making TimeTrack more available to staff would make access easier—and help keep the leader on track.

Several schools give the day custodian and other support staff the TimeTrack app so they can help get the principal to where he/she is scheduled. Would this help?

See a great news story about Illinois SAMs: SAMs help principals be “instructional leaders they were hired to be”

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