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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/16/15 - NSIP Director Mark Shellinger shared a secret with me.

NSIP Director Mark Shellinger shared a secret with me. Would you like to hear the secret? It is the secret to helping others perform better and it isn’t someone’s opinion. Instead, the secret has been proven time and time again.

Here it is:

“We feel better and perform better when four core energy needs are met: sufficient rest, including the opportunity for intermittent renewal during the work day; feeling valued and appreciated; having the freedom to focus in an absorbed way on the highest priorities; and feeling connected to a mission or a cause greater than ourselves.” Tony Schwartz, New York Times

Think about the four core energy needs during your SAM Daily Meeting:

1. Is the leader rested? Do you have any BLUE in TimeTrack—a time for renewal?

2. Do you have a TimeTrack event scheduled this week that will show the leader values a specific person and their work?

3. Do you include a question or two using the graphs of the leader’s work with individual teachers and groups?

4. Do you celebrate the great work you are doing that is serving a greater and higher purpose: helping kids do better every day? Do you schedule Celebratory Feedback with teachers each day?

Want to read the New York Times article? Click this link:

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