• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/24/14 - TimeTrack® will be upgraded again tonight

TimeTrack® will be upgraded again tonight with new graphs for Optional Descriptors.

Optional Descriptors are a third level of instructional time tracking. You will now have a suite of graphs for time spent by Optional Descriptors you create.

To create your own third level of tracking, go to the SETTINGS menu, select Optional Descriptor Setup and follow the prompts.

The new Optional Descriptor graphs are accessible at the portal on the left side of the TimeTrack. Look for the Optional tab at the bottom of the Dashboard. You can click on any bar to see a breakout of time by individual. There is a frequency display, too.

Optional Descriptors will be available for management tasks later in the school year shortly after the release of a new TimeTrack smartphone interface.

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