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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/25/19 - Develop your gratitude muscle.

This week’s tip: Develop your gratitude muscle.

This is a short week. How about taking a few minutes in your SAM Daily Meeting to explore what you are grateful for in your professional work?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. This quality is in you.. .but, like a muscle, it has to be developed day by day and conversation by conversation.

This quality, being thankful, is a powerful leadership tool. Henna Inman, author of Wired for Authenticity, explains the benefits of gratitude at work:

1) Gratitude generates positive reactions and attitudes

2) Gratitude helps us set the right vision

3) Gratitude builds engagement and results

So, what can you do as a SAM team to develop gratitude habits?

1. Start your SAM Daily Meeting with a celebration of your own work.

2. Identify a student, staff member or parent you observed yesterday doing something you liked, admired or appreciated. Schedule a celebratory feedback conversation. Do this with an instructional focus. Then, do it on the management side.

3. Use your TimeTrack public notes, at the bottom of each day, as a journal of things/people you are grateful for each day.

4. Identify what is working in a classroom or meeting before looking for what is not.

5. Identify something you appreciate about your immediate supervisor and share it. People do more of what they see as valued and appreciated by others.

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