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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/7/16 - High Expectations Coupled with High Support

A recent study* of successful schools determined that the leader’s high expectations coupled with high support made all the difference. Here’s an illuminating quote from a teacher in a successful school:

What would teachers in your school say about your frequency of contact? What does your TimeTrack show?

Look at your TimeTrack dashboard. Click on the graph, upper right and then click EXPAND. Go to Options. Look at time range and select the last six weeks. Now, look below and select Compare Individuals of a Group. Select a group—like Fourth Grade Teachers.. .or Science Teachers. Now, scroll to the bottom and click Apply. Are you surprised? Do you see a significant difference in the time you are spending with these educators?

Many SAM principals make sure that they have at least one “touch” with each teacher every week. This “touch” might come from the principal, vice-principal or coach.. .but the touches are connected, discussed and followed-up on each week.

SAM teams do their best work when they reflect on what they have done and then decide what needs to be scheduled. Think about the “touches” you had with each staff member last week and what you can do this week that connects and will move teaching practice forward.

*Schools the Work, New York Times, 11/4

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