• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/19/16 - Is rest a skill?

Your tip for the week before Christmas is a question to consider: Is rest a skill?

The author of The Distraction Addiction and Rest makes a strong case that practicing rest makes sense for people who want to be successful in their work.

“Rest turns out to be like sex or singing or running. Everyone basically knows how to do it, but with a little work and understanding, you can learn to do it a lot better.”

The research is clear that adding “blue” to your TimeTrack, personal time, makes sense during your work day. It is also clear, as author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang explains, that learning to rest better will improve your work results. It may seem counter-intuitive but disconnecting from work, especially during the upcoming Christmas and holiday break, will likely make you a better leader.

Here’s a link to an article about the book, Rest, that appeared in the New York Times yesterday:

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