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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/24/16 - Does email drive you right up the wall?

Does email drive you right up the wall? Here’s a six-step approach many SAM teams use to get off the wall and stay in the green:

1. Schedule in TimeTrack two or three times during the day the principal will look at email.

2. Turn off notifications of incoming email on the principal’s smart phone, laptop and desktop computers. A leader does not need these distractions.

3. Set your email so it sends an automatic message to each sender. Here’s a sample message you could modify and use:

Thanks for your email. I focus on instructional leadership work using my TimeTrack calendar at Stevens Middle. I have set times during the day that I look at email so I am not distracted from my work improving teaching practice.

If you need to schedule time with me, or need immediate assistance, please contact my SAM, Joyce Edwards, (502) 665-7525.

Only our best for our students,

John Adams, Principal

4. Have your office staff use your First Responders as much as possible. Be sure they use the SAM Communications Protocol so each caller feels important and not pushed away. We’re all in this together!

5. Use your delete key liberally. Most emails do not require a response or can be forwarded to a First Responder.

6. Don’t try to substitute real conversation with an email. You might think it saves time but it often misses the mark and keeps people from getting better. You wouldn’t be happy with a teacher who sent an email to a student instead of teaching the student. Why should a principal do this when working with teachers? Take time to listen, talk and relate. This is leadership at its best!

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