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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/4/23 -

This week’s tip: Use the 15 Days in December Wisely

15 days. Most school leaders have 15 school days in December before the Christmas and winter holiday break.

Many leaders are consumed with the holiday activities and think there isn’t time for instructional leadership—work designed to improve teaching a learning. Most SAMs push back with this question:

“Do you expect teachers to use these 15 days instructionally engaged? Intentional is their work with students? Do you expect them to have lesson plans? Why them, but not you?

So, make it fun. Think about work you can do each of the next 15 days that will move the practice of teachers. You will feel great knowing you aren’t giving up on these 15 days and will enjoy your break even more.

SAMs: In addition to keeping your principal in the Green during these 15 days, look ahead at your Christmas/winter break and change each day to non-contact. This will make your data more accurate. Also, be sure to schedule your return day in January so you start your first school day of 2024 in the GREEN.

PS: Are you attending the annual National SAM Conference? Be sure to send your travel information to Also, please complete the online breakout session preference selection.

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