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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/13/23 - Have Fun in the GREEN

This week’s tip: Have Fun in the GREEN

People pay attention to what you do, say and act. If you act stressed, don’t take time to listen and seem distracted…you damage the culture you are trying to create and nurture. Your staff, students and community quickly adopt the same behavior that you exhibit.

You got into education because you wanted to make a difference. Make a point each day to bring joy to the people you support. See the good in the students and staff you interact with each day.

Many SAMs ask their principal during the SAM Daily Meeting to identify one staff member and one student they worked with the day prior that they admired, appreciated, or valued their effort. The SAM then schedules a short Celebratory Feedback session with the teacher or student. In terms of culture, this may be the best move any leader can make.

Teaching is hard. Being a student today isn’t all that easy, either. Recognizing good practice makes you a better leader.

Another smart move is to take your own emotional temperature. When you feel stressed, give yourself a short mindfulness break. A short walk outside can help you get centered and focused. Or be proactive and schedule a short lunch break. Taking care of yourself as a leader makes you better for your school community.

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