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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/17/20 - TimeTrack Quick Links

This week’s tip: TimeTrack Quick Links

TimeTrack has a lot of quick links that can make your SAM Daily Meeting more productive.

On the chart, below, look at the highlighted items.

Clicking the link highlighted in yellow, Interactions, will show the number of separate interactions the leader has had with a teacher instead of the amount of minutes. This also changes the green highlighted area from hours/minutes to the number of separate interactions. This can give you a better idea of how much of the time spent is in a group setting rather than more direct one-on-one work, like seeing instruction and feedback.

The link highlighted in blue allows you to quickly change the chart’s time span from a school year to a shorter period of time.

The link highlighted in red allows you to see the frequency of interaction—how many days pass before the leader works with the individual? When was the last time the leader was in the classroom.. .and then, how many days passed before there was a feedback session?

Have you used the quick link in the event box?

Once you’ve associated an event with a teacher a quick link is created allowing you immediate access to charts and graphs. It even shows the last time you worked with the teacher and the next planned time, too.

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