• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/16/15 - Do you practice C.O.T.D.?

Do you practice C.O.T.D.?

Middle school SAM Wendy Duncan, Georgia, gives her principal a C.O.T.D., compliment of the day, in the notes section of his TimeTrack calendar. She gets a head start on her SAM Daily Meeting by including a positive comment for her principal on his TimeTrack calendar.


This positive connection also increases the chances that the SAM Daily Meeting will happen and that reflective conversation will lead to improved practice.

Also Smart.

The template for a SAM Daily Meeting suggests starting with a positive comment. You’ll find the template at the INFO tab in your TimeTrack calendar. Here’s a quick link:

Finally, here’s a C.O.T.D. for Wendy: “Great work keeping your principal in the green, positive, proactive and successful!”

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