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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/18/24 - TimeTrack is more than a calendar. It is a daily PD process.

A principal who completed SAM Process training last month made an interesting observation.  She pointed out that TimeTrack is more than a calendar. It is a daily PD process.


A calendar is simply a schedule, a list of things to do during the day.  It does not require reflection or intentionality.  It doesn’t provide data on the time spent to complete projects, meet goals and work to improve teacher practice.  It doesn’t show the number of interactions with each teacher, the frequency of contact or the sequence of effort.  It doesn’t provide a narrative record of the leader’s work.


TimeTrack® does all these things.  It is often called the school leader’s lesson plan.  TimeTrack transforms a calendar into an action plan to improve teacher practice with mathematical and narrative records to use in the SAM Daily Meeting to reflect, determine next steps and hold yourself accountable.   


Combining the use of TimeTrack and the SAM Daily Meeting with First Responders, and support from your SAM and Time Change Coach, is why the SAM process works.  The fact you commit to intentionality, reflection, and to be your better self.  This is why you are in the GREEN today. 



Mission: The National SAM Innovation Project provides a comprehensive process and set of tools designed to develop effective instructional leaders resulting in greater student success.

Vision: The National SAM Innovation Project will provide SAM services in every state resulting in greater teacher and learner success.

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