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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/2/15 - Who do you count on to help improve teaching practice in your school?

Who do you count on to help improve teaching practice in your school? Many SAM teams involve assistant principals, instructional coaches and teacher leaders in Daily Meetings. One Arizona SAM team invites a different staff member every Wednesday to participate. They report this builds commitment and ownership in the process and frequently brings new ideas on how the leader can more effectively improve teaching and learning.

Many SAM Teams have extended complimentary TimeTrack calendars to teacher leaders, instructional coaches and assistant principals. This way the team can look at the data from all of the leaders in the school working to improve practice. There is no charge for additional calendars. There are two conditions:

Your team must be working at the third level of the performance rubric.

Your team and Time Change Coach must provide training and support to the new TimeTrack users.

Contact your TCC if you are ready to expand the number of leaders using TimeTrack every day. Check your progress on the SAM Team Performance Rubric, too. Simply click on the TimeTrack INFO tab and select the rubric.

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