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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/17/17 - Vibrate, ding, ring and sing.

This week’s tip: vibrate, ding, ring and sing.

Pamm Moore, Assistant Superintendent in Millville, New Jersey, is doing something different and she loves the results. She used to be exactly like me. I check email constantly. My phone and watch vibrate, ding, ring and sing whenever I have a text message or email.

Pamm changed things up when she started the SAM process. While once she was constantly attentive to email she now checks it no more than 3 times per day (morning, mid-day and late afternoon). After a few months of this new practice she admits that she really is no less in touch than she ever was and is now able to be much more focused on whatever she’s doing in the moment.

The last event every Friday on her TimeTrack is pretty interesting: “email - read/unsubscribe.” She’s found that even though it’s only once a week, her conscious effort to evaluate her email and to unsubscribe from senders that are of no importance to her has resulted in fewer incoming messages. Therefore, fewer messages to open and read on a regular basis. This allows her to spend more of her time attending to the important messages that are now much easier to see because her inbox is less cluttered.

After the 10th Annual National SAM Conference Pamm started scheduling meetings of her SAM principals for the hour before each month’s regular principal’s meeting. These principals share a common SAM vocabulary and focus and find the time together to be really valuable. Pamm’s SAM, Chris Finney, decided that the district’s SAMs would benefit from a similar meeting. She held one meeting and found she was right. She is scheduling a second near the end of the school year. The SAMs appreciated the networking and recognition. Some of the SAMs commented that it was the first meeting they’ve ever attended that wasn’t just a training for new software or data entry. This district “gets it” that SAMs play an important and sophisticated leadership role.

Very cool. Thanks to Time Change Coach Dave Sechler for sharing Pamm and Chris’ story.

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