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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/29/19 - What can you learn from those who are leaving?

Today’s tip: What can you learn from those who are leaving?

It is almost May. The end of the school year is in sight. As a SAM team, what can you learn from the adults and student who are leaving?

Schedule time to discuss with departing staff their experience with you and the school. Here are four focus questions:

1. What did we do together that helped improve your practice?

2. What could I have done that would have been more helpful?

3. What are we best at as a staff and school?

4. What should we work at to improve?

Exit interviews with students can be helpful, too:

1. Tell me about teachers you learned the most from.

2. If you were going to change something at our school that would improve student learning what would it be?

3. Which adults at school will you miss?

Taking time to listen can give you great insight on where to focus your time.

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