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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/22/23 - Reflect.

This week’s tip: Reflect

Reflection has two common definitions:

  1. throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it

  2. think deeply or carefully about

You, along with over 1,000 other TimeTrack users and teams, just completed the annual rubric assessment process designed to help you reflect on your performance. Congratulations. Your comments clearly demonstrate you embrace the second definition.

It would be easy to celebrate your remarkable leadership focus on instructional work with staff, students and community. It is clear that you give deep and careful thought about your next steps as a school leader. Very cool.

Time Change Coaches submitted annual rubric assessments to the NSIP office over the last 35 days. Carol Merritt, who helped create the SAM process and trains all new NSIP coaches and specialists, read each submittal, checking for completeness and accuracy. She remarked on the clear commitment and dedication that SAM school leaders display in their work and willingness to be thoughtful, reflective and open to coaching. She also remarked on how Time Change Coaches care deeply for those with whom they work…and their success.

NSIP support staff member Alex McGrath then does two things with each assessment:

  1. enters the rubric assessment level on your TimeTrack profile

  2. edits for spelling, grammar and usage

Why edit? After removing names and identifying information, Director Mark Shellinger and I prepare an annual report for the NSIP Board and staff to consider how support for SAM teams can be improved and determine next steps for the organization.

The annual report will be reviewed by the Board at the end of June. In July, we will post the report on our website and send you a link.

This year we are going a step further. We’ve engaged an external and independent research company, Policy Studies Associates, PSA, to review the assessment process, raw data and formal annual report—all with a focus on how we can improve.

You are a remarkable school leader. Your willingness to plan your work ahead of time at or above goal, have a SAM Daily Meeting to discuss your work and schedule follow-up, use your TimeTrack data to reflect and determine next steps and, finally, work with your Time Change Coach, is more than impressive.

Enjoy the last weeks of the school year as you reflect on the next.

All five keynotes and five selected breakout sessions from the 16th Annual, 2023, National SAM Conference are now available in HD video:

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