• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip - 5/9/22: Do More Than Thank Your First Responders

Today’s Tip: Do More Than Thank Your First Responders

Your FirstResponders® likely decrease the times you are pulled away from events you’ve planned for the day. Great!

Many SAM teams make a point of honoring FirstResponders with a breakfast, lunch or other event. Many SAM Teams focus on how the work of the FirstResponders makes a difference by showing the leader’s gain in instructional leadership time.

Forward thinking SAM Teams revisit their FirstResponder system regularly as they see it develops capacity for management and instructional leadership in the school.

Consider scheduling time with FirstResponders and assessing their work and discussing next steps—what else can they do to improve efficiency, and efficacy, of service for your school community?

Consider if you need additional FirstResponders or if current FirstResponders need more training and support.

One New York City SAM principal honors two First Responders each May with flowers and small present. When one asked her why she had the perfect response: “Because your work makes my work better.”

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