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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/10/23 - NSIP Summer Board Meeting Report

This week’s tip: NSIP Summer Board Meeting Report

From Bert Hendee, President NSIP Board of Directors

Your NSIP Board of Directors meets in-person twice each year, the day before the annual National SAM Conference and the end of June. The Board’s purpose is to support the organization, staff, SAM teams and our progress toward the NSIP vision and mission.

The Board met June 25, 2023. Among the things we did was to review the results of the recent rubric assessment that all teams completed. We were so pleased with 100% participation in this process by TimeTrack users. Of those completing Rubric 1, an overall average of 52.64% of their time was instructionally focused. For TimeTrack users completing Rubric 2, the overall instructional time was 65.67%. Your comments were insightful and gives us much to think about as we help our organization and process move forward in the future.

We were also very impressed by the increase in time TimeTrack users spend seeing instruction and giving feedback. The increase directly corelates with rubric levels and is substantially higher than the national average.

We also decided to add a second SAM process practitioner to the board of directors. The Board added a seat for a current SAM principal several years ago. The new seat will be for a current SAM. Applications will be available after Labor Day. If you are a practicing SAM, we hope that you will seriously consider applying for this position. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to any board member at any time. Our contact information is on the NSIP website,


Roberta “Bert” Hendee

NSIP Board President

All five keynotes and five selected breakout sessions from the l6th Annual, 2023, National SAM Conference are now available in HD video:

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