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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 7/18/22: Disconnect

Today’s Tip: Disconnect

Most SAM teams are on vacation in July. Some SAM teams have already started their new school year.

Taking a break, disconnecting from your work, is a smart idea based on extensive research. It is hard for dedicated leaders to believe that doing less can mean accomplishing more. The truth is that you are better in your work when you are all three of the following:

  1. Rested

  2. Centered

  3. Present

You can accomplish this with a vacation. You can also accomplish this by working a slightly shorter workday and taking a meditation break mid-day.

Some SAM teams schedule a 15-minute personal/centering event every day. Talk as a team to determine the best time for you to take a break. Many find it rejuvenating. As one California SAM principal says, “My 15-minute meditation gives be two mornings instead of one. After working until lunch, I am starting to tire. Taking the 15-minute break refreshes me and keeps be from being thoughtless or too quick to judge.”

If you haven’t received your invoice for SAM services for 2022-23 you should look for it in your email by the end of the week.

If you are not receiving the weekly Marshall Memo and the monthly Main Idea, two wonderful professional development resources provided with your SAM service as no additional cost, please complete the links, below.

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