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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 7/30/18 - Get Ready for Connected Events.

Welcome to a new school year! This week’s tip: Get Ready for Connected Events.

Wouldn’t it be cool if TimeTrack could schedule your staff evaluations automatically? Even better, what if you could customize each part and include time for a pre-conference, observation, evaluation preparation and post conference?

One week from today TimeTrack will do this for you for any staff member. Connected Events is a scheduling wizard unique to TimeTrack and it is pretty cool. Think how good it will feel to have all of your required evaluation elements scheduled before you start the school year! You can even have TimeTrack remind/notify staff members of a pre-conference, observation time and post-conference.

There are five things you will need to do to get your current TimeTrack ready for the new school year and Connected Events:

1) Set Contact Days for the new school year: Start with July and work through the year. Make sure your summer days are set to non-contact. Make holidays non-contact. This will ensure that TimeTrack has all of the information it needs to keep your percentages accurate.

If you don’t do this Connected Events could schedule evaluation events on a holiday. Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, choose “Settings”, and then choose “Contact Days Setup”. Choose the days you will be in the building, then click “Set”. For a short video on how to do this,

2) Set Monthly Goals for the new year: Do you have a goal set for each month for the coming school year? Your coach can provide valuable feedback, and will help you get to where you feel comfortable. Just click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, choose “User”, and then choose “Monthly Goal % Setup,

3) Update Individuals and groups: Delete the staff who have left and add the new ones. TimeTrack allows you to deactivate individuals while still preserving their data. For a short video on how to do this, CLICK HERE:

4) Create your repeating events: Enter the things you do each day as repeating

events: Getting Started, Duties, Staff Meetings, Walkthroughs, Dismissal. It is important to do this prior to using Connected Events next week-you want to first populate your TimeTrack with the basic things you need to do each day. Connected Events will look for openings for your required evaluation elements so everything is scheduled without conflicts.

5) Review First Responders for the Upcoming Year: Review your First Responder list and ensure that all of your areas are still covered. Are there new staff who will need to be trained? Add them to your TimeTrack. Do you have new office staff who need to be trained in using First Responders and the Communications Protocol? If so, add this to your TimeTrack.

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