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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/10/20 - Be in the Green Every Day

This week’s tip: Be in the Green Every Day.

Are you in the Green today? Most school leaders are back for what looks to be a challenging, interesting and, hopefully, successful school year. To make it successful, especially in today’s new normal, having a plan, TimeTrack in the Green, makes sense.

Having a plan, and meeting with your SAM each day, assures you will look back on this year with pride as you will know you made a positive difference.

Over 200 SAM team members registered for last week’s SAM Coffee Break to review TimeTrack set-up and refresher steps for the new year. Here’s a link to the recording: Your password is:!re$3zFv

Here are resources you will find helpful for your new year:

Your Time Change Coach is ready to help. Contact your coach for assistance at to set up a Zoom meeting. Your coach will take you through each step so you get off to a great start.

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